Memories of a Lifetime

Hello, book readers!
I finally finished The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Reading this fabulous book took me about the span of a week and a half. I was able to finish it pretty quickly due to my English class's independent reading time that we get mostly every day.
There was one particular scene that made me really emotional  so I took a small break from the book. Although I was only reading about it through a piece of paper, it felt like I was in the scene myself.
One important character in the book is man named Baba, who is the main character's, Amir, father. Baba is a stern natured man who sees the world in black and white. He tells young Amir, “When you kill a man, you steal a life. You steal his wife's right to a husband, rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone's right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness.” 
This quote was very eye opening to me because I never saw those wrongdoings in that kind of light. Baba is…

Say NO to Stagnantness

Hello fellow book bloggers! So far, I have read the first two chapters of my new nonfiction book called Peoples and Empires: A Short History of European Migration, Exploration, and Conquest, from Greece to the Presentby Anthony Pagden. Since I decided to challenge myself by reading nonfiction books, I wanted to start with shorter books so that I can understand more easily. However, once I started reading the book, I realized it has very sophisticated language. Hopefully, by reading a chapter a day I can finish the book in ten days.   Pagden, the author of Peoples and Empires: A Short History of European Migration, Exploration, and Conquest, from Greece to the Present, begins with an introduction about human nature, specifying that the human race would not have been as progressive as it is today without the success of Greek culture. When Pagden delves into the life of Alexander the Great, he describes the former emperor as history’s “greatest explorer, traveler, and seeker after truth” …

Books That Forever Changed My Life

As a young child I despised reading. However, once I entered the third grade, I became an avid reader. I remember being engrossed in the Junie B. Jones books that were from the classroom library. I enjoyed the hilarious Amber Brown, Horrible Harry, and Judy Moody series that were once popular. I loved reading books about kids my own age. Then, I moved onto the Gregor the Overlander series and the Sammy Keyesmysteries. I became more pulled toward fantasy and mystery books. I also enjoyed the classic Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books.
When I entered junior high I discovered the Goodreads and BookTube community. It was fascinating to find a community who loved books as much as I did. Now that I'm in high school, my goal is to read a variety of books in different genres. I want to read more nonfiction and classics, to expand my knowledge of the world. So I plan to read The Kite Runnerby Khaled Hosseini for my English 2 class. My sister recommended the book because it was powerful and en…